Data Center

The ADSB Data Center is staffed 24/7/365 and provides after-hours Help Desk and Blackboard Learn support. The Data Center houses equipment for 24 departments and colleges and eight state agencies.

Disruption to campus utility services is a question of when, not if it will occur. About 10 times a year on average, utility service disruptions occur that could potentially affect the Data Center, with disruptions lasting from one second to several hours. Battery backup through three uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provides up to ten minutes of emergency power to the Data Center. Should an outage last more than a minute, the natural gas power generator takes over, powering the Data Center indefinitely.

Six air conditioning units providing 120 tons of refrigeration power cool the Data Center. For protection from water and fire damage, the Data Center features 24" raised flooring, 12 water sensors, four drains, two emergency water pumps and the ECARO-25 Clean Agent fire suppression system.

Power Load

27.8% of 525 KVA

Cooling Load

45.0% of 120 tons